Hallway with staircase, Belgium, 2013


Rose tints my world,

keeps me safe from my troubles and pain
“It was great when it all began
I was a regular Frankie fan
But it was over when he had the plan
To start working on a muscle man
Now the only thing that gives me hope
Is my love of a certain dope
Rose tints my world
Keeps me safe from my trouble and pain”

Staircase, Gent, Belgium, 2013


The only way is up. Or down.

And you can never, go home anymore. And that’s called: Sad.

Hallway with staircase, Gent, Belgium, 2013


O yeah baby, I like rocks.  And making weird drawings on the door. Come to my cave..

Hallway, Belgium, 2013


We did a refurnishing somewhere around 2002, it’s realy nice, with light spots in the ceiling.  Everything is plastic, I love plastic. But please do take your shoes of.

Hallways are depressing I guess. More fun in the bedroom!