This website is a ode to the beautiful uglyness of houses that are for sale. Most of the pictures come from Belgium, mostly Gent and surroundings, since the interiors there are the best in tact.  I copied them from real estate agents. No esthetics. Just living. No setting up camera’s for the best angle, the best light or resolution. I did manipulate it with an online photoeditor, contrast or lighting and sometimes also colour, to make it just a little bit brighter.

No thinking about what and if and how we should live or decorate our houses. Be in the present with your mind. Materialism doesn’t matter.

The emptyness of existance is like mindfullness for modern day people in modern day society. For some people it looks depressing, for others it’s cosyness at its best.

At the same time the website is a parody on AirBnB, where everyone can rent their rooms and houses and everything looks all perfectly well, or perfectly creative and artistic.

I am interested on living on the edge morality, esthetics, norms, ethics, constantly seeking for the edges of beauty and what is considered contemporary design.

Beauty can not exist without non-beauty/uglyness. There for I question myself, can a society with only beauty, love and positivity exist. Or can it only exist because of war, disturbing designs and negativity? And what is the perfect balance?

60% beauty to 40% uglyness? I don’t know.

With this website I want to collect non-design. Non-thinking, non conformality to the standards of design nowadays.  This is true freedom.

Lisa Goudzwaard aka Lieve

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